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Taxonomy Boot Camp is the only conference dedicated to exploring the successes, challenges, methodologies, and products for taxonomies. 

Taxonomies exist to describe, organize, and connect information. Creating a common structure not only helps people and systems work more effectively but also helps create collective intelligence: the body of knowledge that emerges from collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Being able to effectively link people, content and data is the foundation for organizational learning and innovation. The increasing focus on knowledge graphs and AI tools reflects a desire to harness the emergent knowledge of the organization, and taxonomy is a linchpin in this effort.

As the use of artificial intelligence and other types of automation tools continues to expand, the challenge for information professionals is to ensure that human expertise is well leveraged in knowledge frameworks and processes. Not everything can or should be automated. Where do we need to leverage human expertise — taxonomist or subject matter expert both — to make sure the machines are doing their work correctly? What is the role of human-in-the-loop processes in the development, enrichment, and governance of information solutions? How can taxonomists use these tools to boost their ability to analyze large volumes of data? Find the answers to these and more questions in November.

Taxonomy Boot Camp showcases taxonomies as key components of knowledge and data management systems that aim to build collective intelligence within or across organizations and help solve real world problems. Speakers will share their experience in creating successful taxonomy solutions and advise on both hard and soft skills to help our attendees accelerate their learning and success. 

The Taxonomy Boot Camp program is designed to provide something for everyone, from taxonomy newbies to seasoned experts (and everyone in between). Beginner sessions provide those new to the field with the nuts and bolts they need to get up-to-speed and give more experienced practitioners insight into how others have evolved their approaches. Also hear case studies, practical sessions on taxonomy tools and methods, and cutting-edge developments in the field.

Check back in mid-July for full program details!

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